Aniello and Filomena Carannante immigrated from Napoli, Italy to the United States (New Jersey) in 1979 and have been involved with the “pizza business” from day 1 of their arrival. The day after landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey, Aniello started working at his sister’s (Maria’s) pizza restaurant and Filomena soon starting working there as well. After perfecting his pizza making skills and learning all he could from Maria regarding the Italian restaurant business, Aniello and Filomena decided to move to Massachusetts in 1982 and open up their own pizza place in downtown Springfield known as Villa Pizza. As a result of their hard work, dedication and commitment to quality food and service, Villa Pizza remains open today in the same exact location in which it started operating over 30 years ago.

Never the type of people to shy away from more work, Aniello and Filomena learned that Bruno’s Pizza, a Springfield (Sixteen Acres) mainstay for over 50 years was up for sale. In 2004, Aniello and Filomena took the plunge and purchased Bruno’s Pizza from the Bruno family. For over 10 years, Aniello and Filomena have, along with two of their children (Manuela and Michael), successfully run Bruno’s Pizza and continued its long and storied tradition by using the highest quality ingredients combined with Aniello’s and Filomena’s family recipes. Bruno’s Pizza is the definition of a family run business and nothing makes the Carannante family happier than feeding other families.